About Us


Kansuk manufactures pharmaceuticals and human use products in its modern GMP and ISO 13485:2016 compliant factory with a closed area of 10,500 m2.

About Kansuk


Years of Experience

Kansuk has been carrying on its legacy for more than 60 years, growing with domestic For more than 60 years, Kansuk maintains its heritage that has grown with domestic resources and taken from its roots in the light of technology and science.

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We combine our experience in the sector with the value of human we give with our young, dynamic and determined staff.


Export to Countries

We fill a significant gap in the Turkish and international medical device and human use markets. Our products are sold in 23 countries around the world.

The Core Values That Define Us


We follow the developments in the world closely and produce innovative solutions to achieve the most accurate results.


We adhere to ethical values in every situation and environment, and we are honest and sincere.


With our human-oriented approach, we embrace a satisfaction-oriented policy for all our stakeholders, from the end-user to the supplier, and we work with this goal.

Our Mission

To contribute to the creation of a healthier world in the pharmaceutical and medical device industry in which we operate, with our experienced and well-equipped team, powered by our innovation-oriented entrepreneurial spirit, by preserving our deep-rooted corporate heritage and culture.

Our Vision

Production of blood bag and leukocyte filter sets, which we have expertise in production, development, implementation and legislation; manufacture of suppositories and powders in the field of human medicine; In the light of our long years of experience in the field of blood products marketing, to offer innovative products at international quality standards.