History of Kansuk

Our History

Our History

Our History

1932 British Pharmacy
1960 Dr. İsmet Sözen
1960-1973 Unforgettable
1973 New Factory
1972 Production Accelerates
1980 Production Accelerates
1985 Production Accelerates
2019 New Factory

One of Turkey’s oldest


Kansuk Laboratory is one of the oldest pharmaceutical companies in Turkey.

It was established by the pharmacist Noöl Canzuch as an affiliate of the “British Pharmacy” (Pharmacie Britannique) in 1832.

The British Pharmacy made significant progress and became one of the leading pharmacies in Istanbul During J. Canzuch period.

The name of the “British Pharmacy” was changed to “Kanzuk Eczahanesi”, and its laboratory was called “Caneti Laboratory” to protect from the negative attitude towards the British.

Pharmacist Muhiddin Hüsnü (1901 – 1969) He took over the pharmacy and the laboratory in 1932 (16).  He changed the pharmacy’s name to “British Kanzuk Pharmacy”, and he accepted “Kanzuk” as his surname.

Kansuk; produced the most famous products of its time!

The most famous products of this period are Kanzuk Pastille, Expectorin syrup and Enjoy Fruit Salt.

Kanzuk Pastille, the most famous product of the period; Menthol is used to relieve the symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis and similar diseases, eucalyptus is used for mild inflammation of the mucous membranes of the nose and upper respiratory tract.

İsmet Sözen, MD

Sözen was born in 1929 in Uşak. He completed primary and secondary school in Uşak. He accepted Istanbul Kabataş High School for Boys in 1944 and graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine in 1953.

Dr İsmet Sözen’s business motto was always to pursue new products and produce them locally.

He believed that the country would develop with domestic industry. “I tried to produce everything locally because unless the domestic industry gets stronger, we can not escape dependency…”

The production of disposable injectors had started in the world. He started to produce disposable injectors in Turkey in the early 70s.

İsmet Sözen is also the Turkish Pharmaceutical Industry Association founder and has been its chairman for many years. He is also a founding member of the Istanbul Chamber of Industry Foundation.


Kansuk is the only company in Turkey that produces blood bags and one of the few globally that delivers high-quality products.

Glass materials were used for drawing blood before in Turkey before the 1980s; however, the world turned towards plastic bags. Finally, as a result of many kinds of research carried out in Europe, with the license of the German Biotest Company, the production of Blood Bags began in 1985 in Turkey.

Afterwards, Kansuk developed its own technology. They have been produced blood bag manufacturing for a long time by improving this technology.

Kansuk is the only manufacturer of Blood Bags in Turkey. Today, Kansuk Blood bags are also known in Europe.

F.A. Tolga Sözen

F.A. Tolga Sözen was born in Istanbul in 1964. After Kabataş High School for Boys, he graduated from Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Administrative Sciences, and Department of Business Administration in 1986.

He worked for pharmaceutical companies in German for a year and the U.S. for three years to gain practical experience.

He got an MBA degree from the University of Connecticut during this time. He has been working in Kansuk since 1990. He worked as the Sales and Marketing Manager for ten years and then as the General Manager.

Fevzi Akif Tolga Sözen took over the Chairman of the Board of Kansuk in 2019.

Sözen, who is also active in civil society activities, has been a council member at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry since 2005, and was the vice-chairman of the Sectoral Committee, and is still the Chairman of the Sectoral Committee. In addition, since 2014, he has been the Chairman of the Board of Marmara Medical Device Manufacturers and Suppliers Association (MASSİAD).

He is currently the vice-chairman of the Federation Of All Medical Equipment Producers And Supplier Associations (TÜMDEF). In addition, he is the founding member and co-chairman of the Istanbul Health Industry Cluster (İSEK) and a member of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Turkey (IEİS).

Innovation Has Always Run in Our Veins!

Our license application for another innovative pioneer product, electrolyte-based “salt and sugar” to be used in children’s diarrhoea, in 1972, was rejected, saying, “it was not like a medicine”.

But then Unicef came and persisted to the Ministry the production of this medicine. So this time, Kansuk was commissioned by the Ministry to produce this medicine. So Ge-oral has been manufacturing since then by Kansuk.

In the 1980s, due to a shortage of Antiseptic Solutions in our country, a License Agreement was signed with a Swiss company, and production began. This product is now marketed as Biokadin.

And today…

Kansuk moved to its modern GMP and ISO 13485:2016 compliant factory with a closed area of 10,500 m2 in 2019. 

The Ministry of Health of Turkey licensed Kansuk Pharmaceuticals to prepare, produce, export and import formulas and supply them to hospitals and other pharmaceutical companies. Our company produces the products the following GMP requirements and has ISO 13485: 2016 (to be exact) Quality Management Certificates and CE certificates for Blood Bags and Leukocyte Filtered Sets. 

Today, Kansuk operates production in human use, Medical Devices (Blood Bags and Leukocyte Filtered Sets), and blood products marketing.