Quality Policy

Kansuk has a long-standing past of more than 60 years, produces reliable solutions for your health since 1960 in Turkey.

About Kansuk

We are an Authorized Medical Equipment Dealer in Turkey, and in fields of Pharmaceuticals, Blood Bags, Serum Production, Blood Products, and Medical Devices, which we operate;

  • To have a quality management system that maintains the effectiveness of our quality management system while considering any risks that may arise in compliance with national and international standards and legislative conditions.
  • To ensure that our company is always prepared against the competition, economic and pandemic crises, closely following the developments worldwide and ensuring that the company takes a position.
  • To work in compliance with competition legislation and comply with ethical rules.
  • To solve possible customer complaints and obtain all kinds of quality documents related to our subject. To consider the demands of our customers, developing and producing new and innovative products according to the requirements of the age and increasing the features of existing products and offering products that our customers can use safely and prefer in terms of quality and service.
  • To create an environment where our employees, whom we believe are critical to our products’ quality, can grow and be productive without financial hardship or fear of the future.
  • To follow occupational health and safety laws in all our activities, train employees about health and safety, and identify and eliminate potential causes of accidents and occupational diseases before they occur.
  • To be a company that upholds its social responsibilities through blood donation, educational support, and environmental protection.
  • As one of the leading companies that accept the Global Compact, to entirely apply the principles of this agreement to our working conditions; to encourage our employees to adopt these values and show the advances we achieve every year to our stakeholders.
  • To review our policy regularly with the idea of continuous improvement and to make necessary adjustments to reflect current conditions.

As the Board of Management of Kansuk Laboratuarı Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş., we support this system and are determined to implement and maintain these plans by allocating the necessary resources.

F.A Tolga Sözen

Chairman of the Board

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