Career at Kansuk

Kansuk Pharmaceuticals Human Resources aims to gain qualified human resources, find out and improve their potential by developing innovative practices to reach its strategical mission and vision and contribute to corporate success.

Our HR Policy

Our employees are the most critical component of our success at Kansuk Pharmaceutical. With this approach, the main goal of our Human Resources policy maintains our activities such as planning, hiring, training, wage management, career management, training planning, performance management by the mission and vision of our company effectively and productively.

Performance-based Career Management

The performance system in our company allows managers and employees to share their mutual expectations and use concrete and measurable criteria in performance appraisal. In addition, performance interviews and evaluations are held with all our employees twice a year.


Kansuk Pharmaceutical’s primary goal is to grow by maintaining our quality in the medicine and medical equipment manufacturing industries we operate. When we set out with this understanding, we prioritise employee development alongside the continuous development of our company.

Compensation and Benefits

Our wage management and bonus system are incorporated by considering performance evaluation, internal balances and market conditions.

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