Our HR Policy

Kansuk’s goal is to maintain employee satisfaction by creating a safe workplace that inspires excitement and pride in our employees.

Working in Kansuk

Our employees are the most critical component of our success at Kansuk Pharmaceutical. With this approach, the main goal of our Human Resources policy maintains our activities such as planning, hiring, training, wage management, career management, training planning, performance management by the mission and vision of our company effectively and productively.

Our Human Resources Policy Principles: 

  • We do not tolerate gender, race, religion, language, age, politics, disability or other personality characteristics discrimination; accordingly, our employees have equal opportunities. 
  • We plan training and development programs to increase the competence and efficiency of our employees.
  • We protect the material and moral rights of our employees by providing fair and equal opportunities.
  • We encourage our employees to be successful, rewarding our successful employees.
  • We ensure to create corporate culture and awareness that reinforces employee loyalty and promote work.

Employee Distribution

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Gender Distribution

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Age Average36
Average Working Year7
High School and Above Graduation79%

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