Kansuk’s goal is to maintain employee satisfaction by creating a safe workplace that inspires excitement and pride in our employees.

Working in Kansuk

Kansuk Pharmaceutical’s primary goal is to grow by maintaining our quality in the medicine and medical equipment manufacturing industries we operate. When we set out with this understanding, we prioritise employee development alongside the continuous development of our company.

Accordingly, the employees’ training needs are jointly determined by the employees and their managers, taking into account the employees’ professional and personal development and their current and potential duties. They are met within the framework of annual training plans developed throughout the organisation. Furthermore, the development of our educational quality is maintained through internal and external audits.

Our experienced training staff and support primarily provide training, with assistance from external sources as needed.

Our training activities are classified into 4 main categories

  • Ms Office Training 
  • GMP and Quality Training
  • On-the-job Training  
  • Occupational Health and Safety Training
  • Communication Training 
  • Awareness Training
  • Leadership Training 
  • Team Working Training

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