Management’s Message

Kansuk has a long-standing past of more than 60 years, produces reliable solutions for your health since 1960 in Turkey.

About Kansuk

Dear Shareholders,

Kansuk was founded in 1933 as a subordinate of the “British Pharmacy” which is opened in 1832. The laboratory department was taken over by my father MD. İsmet Sözen in 1960. As the Sözen family, we have been working to provide reliable products in health for 60 years.

Our company is offering 100% domestic manufactured reliable human use and medical device products in our Arnavutkoy facilities established in 2019. We added intense unit, liver transplant, and blood products imported from Germany Biotest company to our product portfolio.

We passed the 3-step eligibility test with our 30 years of experience and participated in the main tender in France for our domestic manufacture blood bag and leukocyte filters. Studies for our products are covered in reputable magazines in the transfusion area in recent years.

I would like to thank all of the Kansuk team for their efforts and contribution to our success. We will continue investing in our talent resources to continue creating value and success in the future.

My 30+ years of experience points out that it is really important to follow the developments in the fast-changing world, especially after the pandemic, adjust ourselves and act quickly as well as dedicating enough human resources for this goal.

We love our country and we have trust in our capabilities. We believe we can reach higher welfare levels working together. For this reason, we share our experiences with our affiliates to create a better future for all of us.

F.A. Tolga Sözen